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Carers Allowance

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PotatoPolly Thu 26-Jun-14 00:16:06

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this please?
looking at the govt information, it suggests that carers allowance isn't intended to be a wage, but can only be claimed of you care for someone for over 35 hours a week.
My mum is unwell and unable to work and receives higher level DLA and other bits and pieces. When it comes to it, I guess I will have to give up work to care for her, but I don't understand how I can be expected to survive on £50 odd a week?
also, I've read that the person you are caring for can have their benefits reduced- how much will this be by?

Isabeller Thu 26-Jun-14 00:23:46

It is a sticky area, maybe try your local Carer's Centre for advice about your specific situation?

Would you be claiming other benefits? There are savings restrictions for most.

Would you be working at all? You can work but there is an earnings threashold.

stripeandspot Thu 26-Jun-14 10:17:50

If you get carer's allowance that will entitle you to claim income support (£71) - this is the money you would be living on. You get the carer's allowance deducted from income support but get a carer's premium added on, so you're better off by about £33. Income support is a passporting benefit for housing benefit, council tax support and other things like free prescription, school meals, help with heating. You'd get child tax credits as well for any children (maximum amount). It's a low amount to live on, but a little higher than the usual JSA/IS amounts because of the carer premium, and you don't have any job seeking requirements.

If you have savings of over £16k, you can't get income support/housing benefit/council tax reduction, and if you have savings £6-16k then the amount you get is reduced.

The person you're caring for would lose their severe disability premium of £59, this is a premium added to income support/ESA if they're claiming that. You should find out exactly what she is claiming, money doesn't come off DLA but only the means-tested benefits. They'd lose more than the amount of carer's allowance you get, but it still might be better for you to claim if that is the only way for you to access income support.

Age UK is very helpful for benefits advice, they have a helpline and will also do home visits in some areas.

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