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Tax Credits undeclared partner? Please help

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whatever187 Wed 25-Jun-14 11:39:25

I met my current boyfriend while renting a room in his brother's house (he was also renting a room there). We dated and after a few months I moved out with my daughter to my own flat. My boyfriend stayed living at his brothers but wasn't working and couldn't claim housing benefit so him and his brother were at loggerheads. I held a single person Tax credit claim for the last tax year as we werent in a serious relationship to start and didn't actually live together. I discovered I was pregnant a few weeks after moving and we decided to keep the baby but carry on our living arrangements as we were i.e he didn't move in as we wouldn't be able to afford living that way. But my boyfriend's brother started opening his post as he was annoyed he couldn't pay rent and was asking for his jsa so he asked the jobcentre to hold his post there for him. When he finally got a job in February, he used my flat as an address so his payslips would be secure. In May he and his brother had patched up their differences as my boyfriend was making rent payments from his wages and his brother moved in with his girlfriend. His brother said we could rent his whole house if we wanted to live together. This was great as it meant we would be able to afford the rent and meant that we could finally be together properly for when the baby arrives in July. I did my tax credits renewal and declared my change of address as I moved back into his brothers house, letting them know that I was moving in with my boyfriend. They said that I needed to end my single claim because we would need to make a joint claim. So I did that and have a small overpayment amount from the 23rd May when we moved in and them ending my last claim. When I called them to ask about how I date the joint claim (as it doesn't start til the 23rd May and the form says it gets backdated to the beginning of the tax year or for one month, whichever is shorter) They said that I should have had a letter about an undeclared partner on my last claim. When I asked, they said it was sent at the end of May to my old address, but obviously I haven't got it. So they took my details and said a case worker would call me back. I don't know what they mean about undeclared partner, he wasn't living with me, although he stayed a few times, but I am really worried that they think he was living there because of his payslips and p60. I don't know if I have done something wrong now, I feel like I may have committed benefit fraud unknowingly, and its making me feel awful. I just don't know what to do sad I know I shouldn't stress what with the being pregnant and baby due in just 4 short weeks, but I am TERRIFIED to the point of I keep vomiting with worry. Please can someone help?

whatever187 Wed 25-Jun-14 11:40:17

Sorry about the long post, I am just worried sick, and I don't know what to do :-(

Frontier Wed 25-Jun-14 11:58:51

Had he changed his address on anything else? Bank account? Car?

TBH I can see why his/your story might smell to the investigators. He wasn't paying rent anywhere else and his important mail is being sent to your house?

Were there other tenants at the shared house after you moved out? Would they vouch for the fact that he was still living there?

whatever187 Wed 25-Jun-14 13:21:11

No he never changed his address anywhere else as far as I know because he has paperless banking so that was safe. Yes there was (and is for the next 2 weeks) another tenant living with him in his brothers house, we are renting it completely now, but the other tenant had a hiccup with moving dates and he is moving across the country. And it is the fact that it seems to stink that makes me worried, I know it was all honest, but the way it looks, because of circumstances like falling out with his brother etc and me being pregnant (which was a complete shock when I found out because I was told my chances of having another child are practically zero, another reason I could never have terminated the pregnancy) It all just looks a big mess and I don't know how to explain it other than the way I have. I am just scared that Tax Credits won't see it properly and will just read it negatively sad

greeneggsandjam Wed 25-Jun-14 16:21:19

It doesn't sound like much of a big deal to me and from what I gather the time wasn't very long from him putting his payslips to your address, Feb till you moved in together? I they ask more why don't you just get his brother to confirm that they fell out and he got cross about money which in turn led the brother to direct his wage slips to you, I suppose they could both write their side of the argument. I don't think you need to worry.

TheHouseatWhoCorner Wed 25-Jun-14 16:26:18

Was he paying council tax at the brothers address?
Surely the job Centre could back up his version of events?
But, as green said, the length of time in question seems very short, so I would try not to let it worry you.

whatever187 Wed 25-Jun-14 17:30:02

Thanks everyone, his brother and the tenant are writing to confirm he was living there, also his boss said he would write a letter to state that the address used on payslips and p60 was a care of address as his contract and all other records they have for him are at his actual address. I know I shouldn't worry, but I am an overthinker and don't cope very well with stress plus I just think I am a little hormonal and emotionally overwhelmed as baby is due in 3 weeks and this has just got on top of me.

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