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Student Loans Company - advice please and a warning to others about SLC and their systems

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trolleycoin Mon 23-Jun-14 21:26:27

Problems with Student Loan - 3 years after I paid it off...or so I thought.

I recall that I knew I was near paying off the loan 3 years ago and received a letter to that effect. So I called them and asked for a final balance figure and paid over the telephone £21.00.

I remember at the time thinking it should be a bit more than that, but the advisor said they take £21.00 and anything else is written off if its just a few pounds and pence, owing to the year long time lag in receiving information from HMRC about payments through PAYE.

I've received a letter today, telling me that a balance is still remaining, as the figure they gave me was based on expected repayments, when actually, this plus the money I paid over the telephone leaves me still owing a balance of £61.87. This includes interest (which is the bit that gripes me).

Now, I know, that the sum is not the end of the world, but that is not the issue and yes I can pay the sum, as it would seem that there may be a balance outstanding.

But it concerns me that they tell people they have paid it off, you make a final payment over the phone, told there is nothing outstanding and then 3 years later, are told you owe money and they want to add interest on, when it is their systems and procedures that have held it up for so long, when in good faith I called them and believed it to be paid off. Am I right in thinking the chasing interest is a bit cheeky? hmm

I also want to share this with others to check their loan status' as I've already read through the forums about the many other SLC problems

TalkinPeace Mon 23-Jun-14 22:19:25

NEVER do stuff like that over the phone
with ANY organisation

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