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HMRC - Will this prompt them to investigate me?

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52States Fri 20-Jun-14 22:11:54


Not sure if i'm worrying over nothing, but i'm hoping that someone can clarify a couple of things for me?

I split with ex in 2011, we have a child together. All amicable and we get on well.

When we split I moved back in with my Mum. In November last year I fell out big time with my Mum, she asked told me to move out of her property. I moved in with my Dad and his partner for a little bit, but it was unbearable. Ex insisted that I moved into his property that he owns (with our Daughter) while I sorted myself out. He moved back in with his parents temporarily.

This was all temporary, I was looking for a 2 bed house for DD and I but it was taking a while. Bare in mind I changed all bills to my name, informed HMRC (for self employment and tax credit purposes) i'd moved, ex changed all his bank statements etc to his parents etc. We done it all properly. I didn't pay ex any rent, but I paid the bills.

DD and I have settled in the area well, but unfortunately I can't find a 2 bed flat/house in the area. Mum and I have sorted things out and she has welcome me back, as I couldn't stay at ex's any longer, it was only ever temporary, but I am still looking for a house in the area ex lives in. Ex is back in his property now that i've gone back to Mum's.

My worry and concern is, I am registered at the local Dr's surgery under ex's address (Amazing surgery, my DD's Dr is fantastic and I want to keep her there), and my DD's school that she is starting in September have us down as living at ex's address (Which we did from Nov last year to May this year) I want to stay at the Dr's and keep ex's address for the school until I find my own small place in the area, which hopefully won't be too long.

Is this allowed? Worried HMRC will see that I am still registered at Dr's in ex's address, and also the school and they will assume we are a couple and insist I owe them money, even though we have been separated since 2011?

This was only ever a temporary arrangement and i'm worried i've caused myself all kinds of bother.

LIZS Sat 21-Jun-14 08:07:13

If you are no longer registered as paying council tax there then I fear you may find the LA querying your school application. Also how could you prove you were not living as a couple, especially as he was effectively subsidising you by not receiving rent. Did you claim single person CT discount for example?

52States Sat 21-Jun-14 08:52:22


I spoke to the LA and explained the situation (I would have been applying for the school in my Mum's address anyway) They informed me it wasn't a problem, they where only interested in where I was living up until end March this year.

HMRC where aware I was at ex's address, living there alone with Daughter. Everything was done correctly.

My problem is the Dr's. I don't want to move her, they are fantastic, but if I give them my Mum's address they will take us both off their books. She lives with her Dad half the time anyway.

My question is if I keep Dad's address for school and Dr's purposes, but I live with my Mum (everything else registered to Mum's address, i'm on the council tax bill etc and pay her rent) are they likely to think I still live at ex's (This would be a problem as he has now moved back in to his property) Do they automatically have access to this info?

Fram Sat 21-Jun-14 09:02:12

DD is allowed to use her fathers address, as surelh she lives with him too?
If not, Id be more worried about losing her school place due to frauduldnt application!

LostTeacher Sat 21-Jun-14 09:05:44

I wouldn't worry about the address at the doctors. It's nothing to do with HMRC.

If they ever find out then you just tell them the truth that this particular doctors surgery is better and so you said you still lived with the ex to stay on their list.

LIZS Sat 21-Jun-14 09:12:02

Who receives Child benefit , that is often a determining factor in "residence" , do you have a formal agreement ?

52States Sat 21-Jun-14 09:34:39

I receive CB, they too where aware of my temporary move.

In terms of school & Dr it's easier to keep her in ex's address until I manage to get my little place in the area. Should I inform school that her Dad and I are separated? He won't have much to do with the school except for collecting her and dropping her off once a week, I, on the other hand have joined the PTA grin

It was my Mum that worried me, telling me to move dr and inform the school I now live with her incase this info is flagged up by HMRC? I'd be in a real mess without my tax credits. Ex and I are amicable and share custody, but his maintenance payments leave a lot to be desired...

52States Sat 21-Jun-14 09:37:32

Thank you for all replies by the way, very kind of you. I'm not worried about fraudulent school places, the school allows you to use either Mum or Dad's address, and besides I genuinely lived here for 6 months.

EmptyNestAgain Tue 24-Jun-14 22:08:47

The doctors have no link with the revenue. However, they need to know that your DD has two addresses, in case they need to contact you about her. They will understand about joint residence and probably let your DD stay, especially if you don't tell them you are the main carer.wink
I don't know about you, though. It is important that doctors know your real address. It's a safety issue, really.

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