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1st Tax return, charity and gift aid?

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SpineInABap Fri 20-Jun-14 10:43:26


I gave up my PAYE job half way through last tax year and went freelance.

I'm filling in my first ever self assessment online and it is asking about giving to charity. I'm desperately trying to remember for any times I gave to charity and used gift aid, and I'm worried I might have forgotten some occasions, especially if it was cash.

Also I have just realised I've given loads to oxfam and used my special donation number which also allows them to claim gift aid if they sell my stuff. How on earth am I meant to know these figures? Do I have to contact oxfam, or does it not matter like a cash donation would?


riksti Sat 21-Jun-14 08:06:32

Most of the time gift aid payments only make a difference if you're a higher rate taxpayer. I'm assuming you've paid at least as much tax as oxfam has reclaimed on your donations. If that is the case then gift aid payments only affect your tax bill if you're a higher rate taxpayer - they will extend your basic rate band so you pay more tax at 20% and less at 40% (that is, you pay less tax). If you're a basic rate taxpayer then gift aid payments don't make a difference to your tax bill.

SpineInABap Sat 21-Jun-14 10:05:39

Thanks for that. I'll just leave it all out of the calculation then. Many thanks.

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