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Lilypiesmum Thu 19-Jun-14 13:46:32

Please excuse the language, but I've never dealt with such an infuriating company before! I was in tears after a phone call from them last night. The previous Student Loans company just required a yearly letter from my husband stating he supports me......well, these people want:

3 months of payslips - I've only been working 1 month
Recent proof of child maintenance - I'm lucky if the CSA write to me once a year, never mind within the last month.
A letter from my husband saying he supports me.
A letter from work stating how many hours I work and what I earn.

They wrote to me at the end of May saying they need more evidence to defer my loan....I emailed them on 10th June to let them know I was waiting for the CSA to send me a new letter about my maintenance. In their letter they said 'please provide this as soon as possible,' and on the 10th June they replied asking for more details....neither time did they bother to mention my deferment was up on 9th June, and if evidence wasn't submitted before then, I'd have arrears.

So...last night I got THE most unpleasant woman ringing me up demanding I pay £92 of arrears because I didn't submit evidence by 9th June!!!

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Thu 19-Jun-14 13:56:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Thu 19-Jun-14 14:00:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elQuintoConyo Thu 19-Jun-14 15:23:34

Motherfuckers. Sorry. My deferrment letter is due any day - surprised I haven't received it already, actually. When I do, I shall be reading the full thread (or 6!) that Wigan kindly linked to. I am sure they'll try and screw me somehow.

Lilypiesmum Thu 19-Jun-14 20:05:21

Thanks, I was reading the thread this morning, but it's now full so I couldn't add my unhappy phone experience with Mrs Nasty of Eurdio Loansharks.

Mumofstudent23 Fri 03-Oct-14 16:32:54

Even when you do defer you will still get phone calls (every day for a month)our daughter lives in a country with no postal system, we delt happily with Glasgow for ten years, then Eurdio took over!! Despite receiving a letter from them to confirm the deferment we still received a letter demanding £500 I rang them pointing out an obvious mistake but got no help what so ever as the arrangement for me to speak on my daughters behalf had not been passed on. Telling them to simply check their records just resulting in them telling me to contact my daughter. She phoned them to be told they had not updated their records!! No reply was given to the question of how they managed to send us a letter confirming the deferment.

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