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2-bed hse, UK, �20k. Where?

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InvalidToffee Mon 12-May-14 01:41:59

Need cheap bolt-hole. 'Rough' area OK. (Am rougher.)

Constructive sugg'ns, please.


AnotherSpinningFuckingRainbow Mon 12-May-14 01:54:40

Northumberland looks cheap. No idea what it's like though.

AnotherSpinningFuckingRainbow Mon 12-May-14 01:55:12

Oh or a lot of places in Wales

ThingsThatShine Mon 12-May-14 01:55:25

I don't think you can do 20k anywhere! 50k maybe

AnotherSpinningFuckingRainbow Mon 12-May-14 01:58:44

Am I typing in invisible font again?

tabulahrasa Mon 12-May-14 01:59:14

Motherwell - flats not houses though, but under 20k

AnotherSpinningFuckingRainbow Mon 12-May-14 02:01:00 for example

myusernameis Mon 12-May-14 02:01:10

You can buy a flat or house for £20k in the UK? I had no idea.

BlameItOnTheBogey Mon 12-May-14 02:04:03

North East? See here

foilwrapper Mon 12-May-14 02:29:27

A lot of houses priced that low are mobile homes/shared ownership/retired etc. Or auction prices/offers in excess of, which will probably sell for higher. Some v cheap houses out there though!

£25k Burnley

£10k Wales (needs renovation)

£25k Wales

OIEO £20k NE

£20k Cleator Moor

£25k Scotland

£25k Grimsby (needs refurbishment)

InvalidToffee Mon 12-May-14 02:40:36

Thanks, all, for replies so far. It looks as though it can be done.

Anyone actually ever lived below the radar? (Don't be shy.)


QueMierda Mon 12-May-14 02:58:03

Are you fleeing the law? confused

I lived on a traveller site, I paid council tax etc. it was an illegal site but the council still needed to know all comings and goings.

Fideline987654321 Mon 12-May-14 02:58:04

Are you in a hurry?

Can you tell us what's happened?

Brittapieandchips Mon 12-May-14 03:01:39

There were flats going near Sunderland for £12k when I lived nearby. Prices might have gone up without me dragging the area into disrepute though grin

MrsCakesPremonition Mon 12-May-14 03:03:15

I'd have thought that renting a room or staying in a B&B - paying cash - would be more effective than making a big splash by buying a place. It would also be easier to move on quickly if you needed/wanted to.

DieselSpillages Mon 12-May-14 03:09:57

You could buy a narrowboat to live on for under 20 k if you want to stay under the radar. here

Ladyfoxglove Mon 12-May-14 15:20:06

Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Crewe, Winsford.
Hanley in Stoke on Trent (Cobridge to be precise) had houses for £5,000 if you agreed to live in them for five years.

Agree with the narrowboat suggestion and would also add a static caravan park. There is a lovely one at Stableford, near Stone, Staffordshire. Near to the M6 (Midlands) but lovely rural setting and only a limited number of units allowed. Market towns all around.

Ladyfoxglove Mon 12-May-14 15:23:33

I know somebody who lived 'secretly' and he lodged with someone and paid for everything in cash. The thing is not to own anything if you don't want to be found. Anti-money laundering laws now mean that all property transactions are scrutinised by all sorts of agencies.

mum2jakie Mon 12-May-14 15:51:05

It's possible in areas of Stoke

Ladyfoxglove Wed 14-May-14 13:17:39

Where is OP? I want to know the back story!

TinyDiamond Wed 14-May-14 17:14:52

Buy a boat. Do it up. This way you can get more off grid if that is what you want.

Onesleeptillwembley Wed 14-May-14 17:18:22

Think the back story was the journo cutting to the chase.

CaptWingoBings Wed 14-May-14 17:19:42

I'm confused slightly. Do you want to buy a house, which is possible in parts of the country. Or do you want to love undetected & off grid, which is hard if you own a house.

balenciaga Wed 14-May-14 17:35:37

I know someone who lives under the radar, he's a friend of my dads

Always done everything cash, always worked cash in hand, stayed in informal living arrangements etc, never been married, never got a driving licence, never registered to vote, etc basically never done anything "official"

He's a right character and he's got some stories to tell. But he's in his 60s now and my dad worries about him ie re getting a pension, access to healthcare, housing etc sad

MrsDesperado Wed 14-May-14 20:07:22

There are 2-bed flats for sale in Blantyre and Hamilton (not far/commuting distance to Glasgow) on offers over 20k. Advertised on rightmove (can't link on phone)

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