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EXH has just stopped paying maintenance AGAIN

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NigellasDealer Tue 01-Apr-14 14:27:14

i am so upset, i managed for seven years with no contribution at all from him, it started again just over a year ago and has continued with just one two month break.
this month it has not arrived and i was relying on it (i know i shouldnt) well i phoned CSA and they tell me due to him now being unemployed his contribution is now officially NIL.
i cannot even go to the supermarket and owe money for ctax and all sorts, not to mention the children needing stuff.
why is me that gets shit from SS while he does not bother with them hardly at all, and stops paying when he likes.
what really grates is that he drives a Jag and of those years he paid nothing, i know v well he was working cash in hand (he is an electrician and his wife works in a polski sklep), and i know v well that that is waht they are doing now.
meanwhile i am stuck here with no bloody food.

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