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DH controlling our joint account.

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Justeat Sun 30-Mar-14 22:33:22

I've posted in Relationships too.
DH transfers his money into our joint account every month.
I am a SAHM.
I have no idea of his salary and he won't tell me cos he thinks I will waste it.
I have never been in debt.
I am v angry at being treated as an irresponsible child.

CocktailQueen Sun 30-Mar-14 22:35:34

Well, you need to sit down and talk about it. Why does he treat you like this? Has he always done? Is he this controlling in other areas too?

Justeat Sun 30-Mar-14 22:37:52

We've had money issues since we married.
Gone past talking, by hiding his income, he's hiding himself away.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 30-Mar-14 22:40:01

do his wages go into a sole account first then? He sounds like an arse if he wont discuss his earnings with his wife

Justeat Sun 30-Mar-14 22:44:16

Sole account then he transfers some.
I want 2 say 2 him tell me ur salary or u can leave.

sarahquilt Mon 31-Mar-14 06:30:24

The key issue here is trust. He doesn't trust you and it's vital to have trust in a relationship, so this either has to be resolved or there's no point continuing on with him.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 31-Mar-14 10:08:30

I'm not surprised you're angry. If you're married remind him about that line in the service that mentioned 'all my worldly goods'... because this is it what it means. Thoroughly disrespectful not to share his salary details with you and possibly means that he's spending it on something he doesn't want you to know about.

Is it a 'deal breaker'? Are you considering ending the relationship?

Justeat Mon 31-Mar-14 22:54:11

I have another thread in relationships.

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