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Mickey Mouse and Sexism

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sheilamary3 Wed 26-Mar-14 11:48:00

I am vainly trying to find an article of clothing or other gift that features Mickey Mouse for a little girl of four. She is a massive Mickey fan (not all that keen on Minnie) Why is it that everything,boots,tee shirts,bags,nightwear dresses..... etc etc all feature Minnie?? Why should these characters be gender specific? Disney is trying to be less sexist,or so they say.Their film "Frozen" is supposed to be working towards empowering little girls. Has anyone else had this problem? She has books,games etc. I just fancied buying her something to wear. The stuff with Mickey on looks definitely masculine!

loismustdieatyahoodotcom Wed 26-Mar-14 11:52:00

Have you thought about an iron on transfer?

meditrina Wed 26-Mar-14 11:59:29

I Think you want to ask MNHQ to move this to the children's clothes forum.

I've just had a google, and there are heaps of designs out there. Unless you do not want to put your DD in an ordinary T-shirt or hoodie, just keep browsing.

sheilamary3 Wed 26-Mar-14 13:41:40

Sorry Meditrina,did not know about clothes Forum. I am a new member and just feeling my way around !! :-)
I have done a bit of browsing and whilst there are hoodies,tee shirts etc with Mickey Mouse on they are all definitely boy orientated. She is still a very feminine little girl and likes her pinks, purples ,dresses and frilly stuff etc. Without fail,anything like that has Minnie on it?
I had not thought of an iron on transfer,thanks for your reply.

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