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Erudio Student Loans

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MrsNutkin Fri 21-Mar-14 13:18:07

I recently deferred my loan through the Students Loan Company, had a letter to confirm the deferment.

They have since taken 2 payments, one last month which I put down to my own fault as I was slightly late in sending the deferrment letter, but another payment has come off today leaving me over my account limit and no money until I'm paid on Wednesday.

The first I found out my loan has been transferred to Erudio was today when I phoned to get it sorted, I was told to phone them by SLC.

Got through, they admitted it was their error and will refund the money but not until next week as for some reason they can't do it today, they have asked me to phone back on Mon.

The advisor didn't seem to know why she couldn't refund it today other than her colleagues had told her, I asked to speak to someone else but she made another excuse! I then got upset and hung up.

I have written an email complaining but don't know what else I can do other than wait until Mon, I just find it ridiculous they can take money so easily but can't give it back just as easily!

Anyone else had problems with them?

mandakl Fri 21-Mar-14 17:19:13

Direct Debit Guarantee

"So how do I get back any money paid in error?

If this happens, you should contact your bank or building society. They are responsible for giving you a full and immediate refund - even if the original error was made by the company collecting the payment."

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