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Bank accounts which have a fee

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crazykat Mon 17-Mar-14 17:08:49

Hi I don't know if anyone can help me. My parents had an extras package on their current account which had mobile cover, travel insurance etc.

I can remember hearing that it was possible to claim this back (like with ppi) if it turned out you didn't need the extras but I can't find anything online.

Theirs had mobile cover, accidental death, breakdown cover and travel insurance. They had all these already with mobile contract/car insurance, had accidental death cover separately through their bank and never went abroad.

Can anyone help me find the relevant information if it is possible to claim it back please.

onetiredmummy Mon 17-Mar-14 17:11:48

Ive not heard of it, try the moneysavingexpert site or the forum which is ace. If it exists the forum will know smile

NurseyWursey Mon 17-Mar-14 17:14:51

Not sure I don't think this could possibly be true though. I pay for my Royalities Gold and use NONE of the benefits.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 23-Mar-14 20:58:39

change to a non-fee paying account then if you dont use the benefits. I have an advantage gold with natwest but have used the breakdown cover a few times and dh used the mobile phone insurance on his. I downgraded my LTSB account as it wasnt being used any more so I no longer pay a fee on that account.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 23-Mar-14 21:00:08

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