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Sky changing to O2 and not knowing - am I committed to pay?

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Paddlinglikehell Wed 12-Mar-14 22:39:14

I received a bill today, from Sky, I never receive anything from Sky, other half does the TV stuff, gets sent to work.

Apparently O2 has sold out to Sky, no one told me, the cost is double and they are charging me for not having Sky Talk and Sky TV. That's right, charging me for not having one of their services - surely that is illegal? We do have TV, but they probably haven't connected the two as different addresses.

I spoke to Sky as I wasn't a happy bunny at the increase and the fact they have billed me two months, to be told nothing I can do, as I am in contract until 24.2.15. Although I am not sure how I can be in a contract with a company I didn't know about.

It would appear they have a completely odd email address that I have never seen before (probably an O2 one I never knew about) and they sent a letter, I have never received anything addressed to me from Sky before, hence my surprise today.

The direct debit has been transferred and to add insult to injury it took two phone calls, an hour and a half of hanging on, one refusal to talk to me, because I didn't have my DD account number, I had the billing info and the bill and Sky account number,but that wasn't enough!

Can this bill be valid? Anyone know if I can just cancel? They say not., none experienced nothing like this before?

Apparently my complaint has been escalated to the customer resource team who are ringing on Friday, but I would like. To be prepared for that call.

Thanks in advance.

DingbatsFur Wed 12-Mar-14 22:45:24

We had broadband with o2 and they sent out a number of communications to let us know that sky had bought over O2 and offering us a series of deals. We got free sky tv and installation for a year and unlimited broadband for the same price as o2.
You must have some how slipped through the net, this all kicked off 9 months ago. When did you start the contract with o2?

PuppyMonkey Wed 12-Mar-14 22:49:57

Could the key to the confusion be "other half does the TV stuff?"

We were with O2 for broadband and had letter last year informing us Sky was taking over. It said we could choose to just go over to them without TV package or go with. TV package (really good deal. Half price etc) so that's what we did.

I'd ask your other half about it?

Paddlinglikehell Wed 12-Mar-14 23:18:15

Other half well aware. No he has done the TV for years and it gets sent to work.

O2 was purely for the Broadband and in my name, nothing to do with Sky, so a totally different account. Apparently only connection with Sky is that they were taken over and they obviously don't know about the existing Sky we have, or they would have merged it.

I can't believe I have never had any correspondence from them about this, I was surprised today when I had a letter addressed to me from Sky, as never had anything before - why would I!? But why suddenly receive this one?

We must have slipped through if you all knew, but I am not happy, It feels so wrong, never had a chance to do any deals or take advantage of a change if there was one to be taken, could have done with half price or even free Sky!

Other half wants to cancel it all, as he feels it was all underhand,but maybe we have just been lost somewhere!

Paddlinglikehell Wed 12-Mar-14 23:21:22

Had O2 for around 10 years!

barebranches Thu 13-Mar-14 06:53:56

we got free tv for a year when sky took over o2... think you should have a moan!

rallytog1 Mon 17-Mar-14 14:50:05

There has been lots of communication from O2 about the switch, and as pps have said, lots of people have got free tv. I would be extremely surprised if you've not had any information - were you receiving your bills as normal from O2 prior to this latest news?

TalkinPeace Tue 18-Mar-14 13:12:27

I have also been switched from O2 to sky for my broadband.

They have sent me LOTS of letter, LOTS of emails and several text messages.
It was also in the news extensively when the sale took place a year ago.
It has also been on the broadband bills / account system for nearly a year.

If you do not look at your incoming correspondence I worry what else you have missed.

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