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After what time is it legal to have a bonfire?

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PanicPants Sat 12-Aug-06 19:11:10

The last few times the neighbours have complained like mad, despite it being after 6pm.

We've only had 2 this year and have got loads of garden stuff thats needs burning.

The weathers not nice enough for anyone having BBQ so we won't be spoiling that and there's no washing out so I think dp should just go and light it and get it over and done with.

What do you think?

PanicPants Sat 12-Aug-06 19:16:32

Someone must know.

tillykins Sat 12-Aug-06 19:18:15

have you googled? I didn't know there was some legal time thing to it
Could you ring your local police station and ask?

compo Sat 12-Aug-06 19:18:21

this might help?

SecondhandRose Sat 12-Aug-06 19:18:35

PP don't think there's a time but you might want to have one on a miserable day so no one has washing out. Otherwise let your neighbours know it is going to happen and perhaps you can all have one at the same time.

funinthesun Sat 12-Aug-06 19:19:59

Depends on the local council. Our neighbours 4 door down complained when we had a binfire on an overcast sunday afternoon in September, claiming it was illegal. We checked with the council. It was NOT illegal to have a bonfire on a sunday. Infact in our area it is legal to have a binfire whenever you want and neighbours can only complain if the smoke is very black and noxious or you have bonfires more often than is reasonable.

funinthesun Sat 12-Aug-06 19:20:31

bonfire not binfire

Sobernow Sat 12-Aug-06 19:23:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PanicPants Sat 12-Aug-06 19:26:14

`Thankyou for the link compo, and for the other posts. For some reason I was always under the impression that it had to be after 6pm.

As it is miserable here, (spitting rain) I think dp should go and get it done.

SueW Sat 12-Aug-06 19:50:21

It's best to ensure the stuff you are burning is dry/dead as it will make less smoke therefore annoy your neighbours less.

If you are burning recent prunings or stuff that has been damp, chances are you will produce loads of smelly smoke and neighbours will not be happy.

flutterbee Sat 12-Aug-06 19:58:14

I get really peed off with this, our neighbour but one decided to have several massive bonfires during the heatwave which meant that not only could we not use the garden or hang the washing out but we had to close all the windows at the back and the french doors, me, dh and 9 month old were flippin boiling.

It eventually annoyed me so much that I went and asked them to stop they apologised and said they would do no more until the weather had cooled and they would make sure they were in the evening.

Just pick a sensible time and you will be fine.

MerlinsBeard Sat 12-Aug-06 20:01:17

can i just hijack a sec?

Is using an incinerator better then? need to dig out the garden and have no way of getting it all to tip (no car until after the tip has closed)

1Baby1Bump Sat 12-Aug-06 20:16:17

think its 6pm.

PanicPants Sun 13-Aug-06 21:30:05

Well we had the bonfire at 8pm, in the drizzle and dusk, so I don't really think anyone could have complained, and no one has so far.

Not sure about the incinerator though, maybe.

PanicPants Sun 13-Aug-06 21:30:18

Well we had the bonfire at 8pm, in the drizzle and dusk, so I don't really think anyone could have complained, and no one has so far.

Not sure about the incinerator though, maybe.

heiferjamese Mon 14-Aug-06 18:21:49

I always thought the the local bye laws made it ok after 6.00pm.

We have someone near up that insists on doing it in the middle of the afternoon on hot days.....

I would have no problem with anyeone doing it after 6.00. Just have to close windows I guess. but hey thats life.... People used to have bonfires a lot more than they do now,....

horseshoe Tue 15-Aug-06 12:06:24

Old folklore stated sunset or something which I assumed to mean 6-7pm.

It arises from the olden days when women would put their washing.
It was not illegal on Sundays since this was a day of rest for the women.

Full of old dribble me

horseshoe Tue 15-Aug-06 12:09:37

Sorry....forgot to add there are no Laws or by-laws in most places.

However I suppose if you had loads and loads you could get an ASBO.

PanicPants Tue 15-Aug-06 12:11:29

lol at asbo and you being full of useless info!

Well no one complained and we won't having another until bonfire night so don't think an asbo will be winging it's way to us anytime soon!

horseshoe Tue 15-Aug-06 12:16:05

Shame...I quite like the idea of those things.......dont kids that get them win free holidays or something????

PanicPants Tue 15-Aug-06 17:47:02

Yessssss your right [pp wanders outside with box of matches...]

ezzzzzzzy Tue 22-Nov-16 23:07:18

Just was browsing and saw the messages about bonfires so here goes. Firstly, under E.U. Law, all bonfires lit on days that are not designated as ritual bonfire days(e.g. 5th November in U.K.) are illegal. However, many countries like Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy do not enforce this ban and some countries even make up their own rules about it!!! Basically the ban was made to stop fires getting out of control and endangering homes, people and wildlife and woods. Please remember that the fumes from burning leaves are now thought to be carcinogenic so that is another reason to compost all leaves and chop up all branches and twigs and use as fire food in a log burning stove. If you have not got a wood burning stove, then what is wrong with a visit to your local waste amenity site?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 22-Nov-16 23:09:05

This thread is a decade old.

Mrsmorton Tue 22-Nov-16 23:15:42

I never post on zombie threads but fuck me, that's got to be a record. Sorry for bumping but a DECADE!!

INeedNewShoes Tue 22-Nov-16 23:19:00

Wow, that's quite some browsing to reignite grin a 10-year-old thread!

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