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Probably a silly question about contents insurance

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Achybreakyheart Sun 02-Mar-14 19:29:02

We live in a rented property and have contents insurance with Morethan.

The house was part furnished when we moved in and there wasn't an option to put any of the landlord's furniture into storage to make way for our own. As a result, we had to store our sofas in the cellar- which appeared to be dry. We also wrapped them in rubble sacks and stood them on plastic trays to be safe.

I noticed that the cellar smelled a bit damp earlier and, sure enough, our sofas are growing mould.

However, they were gifted to us second hand from a friend so I have no proof of purchase etc and only a vague idea of how much they were bought for.

Do you think we have any chance of claiming on our insurance or not?

43percentburnt Sun 02-Mar-14 20:54:44

Do you have accidental damage cover? Check your small print, I dont think mould is covered, certainly not in standard t and c's. Has there been a leak if so that may well be covered? Under escape of water, however the excess is likely to be �250. So depends on value.

Chasdingle Sun 02-Mar-14 21:39:40

also a claim will put your future insurance up so is it worth it, depending on how much the sofas would have cost?

Achybreakyheart Sun 02-Mar-14 22:48:10

Thanks for the replies!

We do pay extra for accidental damage and our excess is set at £50 IIRC.

It's not an immediate issue (aside from the hassle if getting rid of them) but when we eventually move out, we'll have to find the money for new sofas when we already had nice ones.

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