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Anyone ever had Parcelforce lose a parcel?

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lottieandmia Sun 02-Mar-14 18:05:35

I am wondering who is responsible. I assume it's the company who sold me the item? But it is from the US. It's a birthday present for my dd. Ordered some time ago and the last tracking information says it cleared customs. That was a week ago. I put the tracking info into parcel force and it says they have it but no up to date tracking.

So I called parcelforce customer service and the person said it looks as if it has been lost even though it should be with them.

So what happens now? I paid by debit card.

littlemisssarcastic Mon 03-Mar-14 22:51:29

your contract is with the retailer and if a parcel goes missing en route, it is up to the retailer to sort it out with you.

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