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JSA Nightmare

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meerkatdotcom Tue 25-Feb-14 13:29:01

Hi, bit of a long one ...

I was claiming JSA, before Christmas, as had finally whittled the savings down to a level where I was apparently eligible for JSA; claimed jsa, told them about the spousal maintenance, etc, and got it without any problems. I then got some temp work (oh frabjous frabjous day) for four weeks, didn't get paid enough to take me back through the threshold so decided to re-apply, which I did.

THIS TIME, I have been told I receive too much spousal support (it hasn't changed) so I am receiving nada, zip, bupkis ... you get the picture. I was under the impression that spousal support did not factor in to the calculations ..... HELP!!!

RubySparks Sun 02-Mar-14 07:43:31

There are two kinds of jsa - contribution based, so if you have been working and contributed enough national insurance, you qualify - and income based jsa, so that would look at household income which might be too high for you to qualify?

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