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Compensation for holiday

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tomverlaine Mon 17-Feb-14 21:21:57

We went on holiday in October to what was supposed to be family friendly resort - website described child friendly pool, playground and evening entertainment. When we actually got there we found that all the child friendly stuff was restricted to children in the kids club - and only when they were in the club. We had actually paid for ds to use the club but hadn't realised that we were basically expected to leave him there at 830 am pick him up for tea at 530pm and then leave him for evening session. There was no ability to drop him in for little sessions. Stay with him, or even settle him in. I was prepared not to use the club much but not to have zero childrens facilities available. We complained at the time and looked in to leaving early.
When we got back I complained to the resort - after several exchanges they offered me vouchers - I thought this was insulting as I said I'd never go again.
Anyway I complained to abta, on hearing this the company have now offered me compensation in cash but just for the amount of the kids club. I can't work out if I should accept. It's not a lot 250 - holiday was probably 2500 - but I have no idea what any abta settlement would be and it would cost to go through the process. But on the other hand , it isn't the lack of a kids club that was the problem - it ruined our holiday. Plus they have been so unapologetic and pretty insulting.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 18-Feb-14 09:32:19

If you've been offered 10% back in cash I would recommend you take it. The advertised facilities weren't factually incorrect but you didn't have all the information about the club times and they were at fault. They are not obliged to compensate you for the knock-on effects e.g a 'ruined holiday', only the facilities that you weren't able to take advantage of. Liability is limited.

Drquin Sat 22-Feb-14 09:14:10

I think it's a very reasonable offer. So I'd take it.
You haven't incurred additional costs for which you need to be compensated (e.g. A taxi fare when promised coach transfer failed to appear). This didn't "ruin" your holiday - this inconvenienced you, this affected how you planned you day.

I'd take the offer - can't imagine you getting any more.

Crutchlow35 Sat 22-Feb-14 21:57:21

I don't want to doubt what you are saying but kids clubs on holidays do have set slots but you can pick up whenever you like a far as I am aware. They can't stop you from taking your kids out!

For instance the ones I have experience of had slots from 9-12.30 and then 2-5 and then 6-8. You could use as much or as little as you liked. But certainly never drop them at 8.30 and not get them back until t time.

Can you link the hotel/agent page to look at?

LIZS Tue 25-Feb-14 21:18:04

Doubt you'll get much more than that tbh, but you can hold out for abta's decision. There will be small print about facilities being subject to availability and conditions. Unless you checked the specifics in advance it is really only your interpretation of the web details.

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