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Tax credits help,please

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itfcbabe Thu 06-Feb-14 02:26:21


I am asking this for a friend

she got a letter yesterday saying she was over paid tax credits year 11/12 and she owed them £1400.

she phoned them and questioned this as she is self employed and didn't get any working tax credits only a small amount of child tax credits.

They said she had signed a letter saying she earned £5000 from another source which is not true, she got widows benefit from the November as her husband of 6 months died, she had loads of paperwork from inland revenue but nothing about working for someone else, she hasn't for at least 12 years.They said it wasn't the widow's benefit.

The man said you signed the form she asked for proof and he said cant do that sorry, so she said you can just pluck a figure out of the air and say I owe it and won't show me proof I signed this, he said yes.

This can't be right,they legally must have to send a copy of the letter she is meant to have signed, please can someone give me advice as she is really worried,she told them to stick their money up their bum as it is more trouble than it's worth, they messed up her claim for her new baby who was born in May as they have different surnames that took ages to sort out.

Thanks in advance.

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