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Partner been made redundant

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laura20 Mon 20-Jan-14 07:27:45


I just need some info really. My partner was made redundant last week and I'm currently on statuary maternity leave. I earn £15k a year. We are currently entitled to £80 child benefit, £230 child tax credits and £3 a month working tax credits. When I ring the inland revenue to report the change has anyone any idea whether these amounts will go up or down?

Also will my payments be delayed with a change? As I am on a strict budget at the moment and have all bills set up to come out on correct dates so there is enough money to cover so this would cause a problem.

CouthyMow Mon 20-Jan-14 07:39:09

Change is unlikely to happen until April. Then they will look at your combined annual income and give you extra NEXT financial year. It's going to be a tight few months for you, I'm afraid.

laura20 Mon 20-Jan-14 07:54:45

Thanks very much. Do you think the benefits I'm receiving at the moment are correct, I have queried about the £3 a month working tax credits but they said that is correct.

CouthyMow Mon 20-Jan-14 08:04:58

Yes, because they are taking into account both your partner's wages and your maternity pay. The full amount of WTC is reduced by 60p for every £1 over £16,000 of your combined total earnings.

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