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Life and Critical Illness Covee

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Mum2Fergus Sat 18-Jan-14 10:47:57

Drop a note to the insurers, see if they will shed some light in it for you...good luck.

MozzchopsThirty Sat 18-Jan-14 10:30:24

No none if those, fit and healthy

Mum2Fergus Sat 18-Jan-14 10:18:08

I think only the insurance co can tell you. Is there any family history of ill health? Do you smoke/drink or are you overweight? Just trying to think of the questions I was ask when I took out my policy ...

MozzchopsThirty Sat 18-Jan-14 09:57:32

Didn't know where to put this so I shoved it here in money.

But my insurance has been refused. I saw the GP report which had nothing in it apart from PTSD following traumatic childbirth

I don't understand why this is? It doesn't affect my work or health now so why the refusal?

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