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Child benefit number

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17leftfeet Fri 17-Jan-14 08:20:03

I rang them a few weeks ago and was given the number over the phone

santasballsack Fri 17-Jan-14 08:04:33

Mine used to show on my bank statement so chech that

santasballsack Fri 17-Jan-14 08:04:16

Mine used to show on my bank statement so chech that

Doughnut123 Fri 17-Jan-14 08:02:51

Thanks everyone.

lisbapalea Fri 17-Jan-14 00:38:06

It's detailed as the reference number on your bank statement - I found mine by logging onto my online banking.

SoonToBeSix Fri 17-Jan-14 00:28:52

Ring quickly though as they will not tell you over the phone. They post it out and it takes at least a couple of weeks.

Doughnut123 Thu 16-Jan-14 23:52:41

Thanks. I will give them a call.

Rockchick1984 Thu 16-Jan-14 23:43:41

Ring them, or look on any letter they have sent you as it will be at the top of all documents they send you.

Doughnut123 Thu 16-Jan-14 21:45:57

I am applying for child tax credit and need my child benefit number for the forms. However, I cannot find the documents with the number on. I have tried sending a message to the child benefit department, asking for it, without success. Does anyone have any other suggestions please?

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