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Starting P/T work benefits help

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WisneaMe Thu 16-Jan-14 17:31:50

Hi I'm a flounder but need advice so have come back to get it as Google is useless.

I'm starting part time work on Monday paid 4 weekly and will be entitled to rent and council tax rebate,child tax credit and working tax credit and obviously still get child benefit.

My question is I'm currently on income support ,ctc, and I am wanting to know will they just cut my benefits straight away before iv been paid in over four weeks time and basically leave me with nothing or will they help me until my first pay.

It's worrying me just a tad.

WisneaMe Thu 16-Jan-14 17:32:14

Flouncer I meant.

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Thu 16-Jan-14 18:22:44

I think they give you a 4 week run on in your benefits to help you adjust.

Have you booked an appointment to come off your benefits? They should tell you this.

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