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Working tax credit run-on and income support

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RatherBeRaiding Fri 10-Jan-14 18:20:49

Not been able to find an answer to this on Google so far hmm

DP lost his job just before Christmas, and as I'm at the end of my pregnancy, the DWP advised it would be easier for us to claim income support at this point until baby is three months old or DP finds a new job! We've been informed that we'll get a run-on of working tax credit for four weeks and that our income support won't be paid until our working tax credit run-on has finished.

Does this mean that we won't get income support for any of the time we are getting WTC? Our WTC run-on ends next week and amounted to £25 a week, so I'd thought that perhaps income support would deduct the £25 for the last four weeks, but that we'd get a back payment of IS for the last four weeks. Now I'm not too sure - and I don't know how to get by without the back payment as I'm relying on it to pay next months lot of rent and bills sad

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