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Tax credits

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flowersno1 Sat 30-Nov-13 12:49:05

Hi i took on a new job back in August as money was so tight , my hubby is self employed and finding it difficult just like other self employed people across the Uk so i got a small part time job to help.
I did not declare it to the tax credit people as Christmas was on its way and i did not want to be struggling even more . I planned on declaring my income from my job once we had the tax stuff back from the accountants.
Well that time has come and our business has made a incredible loss in profits basically the profits from the business has gone down . I earn £67.50 a week and our credits are £22.00 a week . The wages from the business due to me and my hubby are about £13,000 . So what happens when i ring the tax credit people on Monday . I estimated our income at about £23,000 back in July ? Thank you .

RedHelenB Sat 30-Nov-13 12:54:58

They'll talk you through it BUT you are expected to tell them if you start working.

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