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Car boot sales still running ?

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EmsyLouise Thu 28-Nov-13 00:11:34

Hi, I live in North Yorkshire and want to sell my daughters old baby items to raise some quick money for christmas. Does anyone know of any car boot sales still running in the area or has anyone tried yet and if so, is it any good ? I seen on their facebook they have 14000 likes so i guess people are on there but not sure if it will be worth my while. Any help is appreciated x

apak24 Sat 22-Mar-14 20:21:33

I have not used carbooty, but i have started to use another one which my mate at work told me about, its not really a boot fair but a FREE classified site which is call its seems to be ok i have listed a few items for free and sold a couple of things. This site might be useful for others as its FREE to list things.

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