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Tax credits by cheque?

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Bluecarrot Wed 27-Nov-13 12:28:20

DP moved in recently and when he found a job we started a joint claim for tax credits. I wasn't working so only claiming CTC before that.

9th September put in joint claim. Given est of £152 per week. Single claim cancelled awaiting form for joint claim.
1st October. Still nothing turned up though I had called and was told things were slow and to be patient.
10th oct I called again and call handler noticed the form hasn't been requested, but notes left re estimate and lone parent but cancelled.
17th oct firm arrived, filled out and returned on 18th.
Yesterday I called to check up and was told 5 payments had been issued and should be with me on 29th. I assumed into my bank account which was what we wrote on the form. He also said we would then get a total of £66 ish weekly. Slightly different to the £152 originally quoted.

Today DP got 2 cheques through the post, one for £3 odd, one for £30 odd. I got three cheques ranging from £26 to £350! No award notice is through yet.

This means the 10 weeks payments since we first claimed is averaging £55 a week.

I'm due a baby in just under 6 weeks but I don't think I mentioned it to the original call handler.

Anyone want to hazard a guess why so much lower? And why 5 different cheques between the two of us?!

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