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Teenager car Insurance

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LEVELHOUSE37 Wed 27-Nov-13 01:35:48

Hi, my daughter has recently become a full time carer for her mum who has been medically retired due to extreme physical ill health. We have saved to get her a driving lessons but now find that the insurance of over £1500 quoted to get cover is something we cannot afford on our low incomes. Can anyone suggest how we can raise these funds..

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 27-Nov-13 07:55:07

If the DM is officially registered disabled then carer's or attendance allowances could potentially be available.

specialsubject Wed 27-Nov-13 10:45:56

insurance for teenagers is very pricey, they have a 1 in 4 chance of a murderous crash. Boys are much worse than girls but the stupid EU 'gender equality' nonsense has put paid to that.

contact a broker to see if you can do better. Also put someone with a good driving record on the insurance as a named driver (This is ok, it is putting your daughter as a named driver that is fraud) and consider a black box for the car.

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