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Boiler grant?

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CCTVmum Thu 31-Oct-13 20:51:20

Would I qualify for this? Boiler broke down yesterday and ds has D&V.

I work PT and get WTCs and ds is under 16.

I am going to ring Energy Saving tomorrow. Just wanted to know the good/bad news!

Rockchick1984 Thu 31-Oct-13 20:59:55

Eligibility criteria Here

CCTVmum Thu 31-Oct-13 21:24:03

Thanks RC84' saw something like this on MSE.

I earn just over the amount. But get WTC this year due to being on IS until few months ago and not earning enough in the full year. Have not been able to save for this type of thing due to so short time back in work. I am saving for Estate Agent Fees. I need to move it's a matter of life and death literally! Can't believe I put my house up for sale on Monday and Thursday the heating breaks downsad

Will I still be able to access it on WTC (income not below threshold) and dc under 16?

Rockchick1984 Thu 31-Oct-13 21:37:26

Will your overall income for this tax year be below the threshold? If so then possibly, if not then I doubt if you would get it, sorry.

carrielou2007 Thu 31-Oct-13 21:59:50

Our boiler died in feb when we had the snow on my first week of SMP. My fabulous plumber told me about this but due to the time of year and high demand they said it would take. 3/4 weeks. Being 7 month pregnant with a 3 and. 6 year old I couldn't wait with no heating it hot water. I had to pay fir boiler on my credit card to start paying off when back to work after maternity leave hmm

CCTVmum Thu 31-Oct-13 22:04:09

Thanks RC I think about 500 over...BANG goes EA fees! A true cruel twist to a fab start this week! Paying it back will take years and EA fees go PUFF!

CCTVmum Thu 31-Oct-13 22:12:56

carrie this happened to me in Feb 8 years ago too ggrrrr! Ds was 18 months with guess what a D&V bug AGAIN when it blows! It was snowing then...was that same year as you? 3 months later I had to give up work and could have had boiler free! I know I know I know!!!!

Yep I read it takes 8 weeks for new boiler if entitled! I have electric heater and shower thankfully separate to have hot water to wash...dishwasher will have to cope with cold water and kettle like old days for everything else! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I feel like something is trying to stop me selling/leaving <sob>

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