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Income support??

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Chelsealady Wed 16-Oct-13 18:07:43

Hiya everyone!

New to mumsnet just need someone to give me experiences they have had with income support?

I had my due date brought forward 10 days 2 weeks ago by the midwife when i had a growth scan which meant i was 29weeks so I was able to send off for my income support. I then had a midwife appointment yesterday and they said my due date is back on the 30th december (very annoying i have had it changed 5 times now). That will make me 29+2 today.

My question is i know you must be 29 weeks to be able to send off for income support and although my midwife stamped it and i sent it back when i originally was 29 weeks will i need to inform them??

Another question...sorry im a long does it take for the income support to be paid its been 2 weeks and i have literally lived off of pennies as im on my own and i haven't been contacted by anyone? Should i ring them?

Sorry if that was all confussing!

Thanks!!! Xx

bimbabirba Thu 17-Oct-13 21:40:32

I don't think you need to inform them that the due date had been changed by a few days. If the midwife signed off a certain date, they'll take that as your due date and any changes from now on should be irrelevant.
I would phone them to check They've received the form and they're processing it if it's been 2 weeks already.
Good luck :-)

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