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Closing joint account

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seesawdog Fri 27-Sep-13 23:13:37

Me and DP have been together 2 years, when we first got together he had recently split up with his ex. They had a few debts from bills and rent they needed to pay for their flat till the end of their tenancy (although neither was living in the flat... don't ask). In order to make sure the debts were paid fairly they set up a joint account and each put the same amount in each month and the debt was paid off monthly from there. The debt was paid off within 6 months of me and DP being together and then I thought nothing of it. Fast forward, 6 years, a house move, engagement and a baby later and it's bothering me it's there.
DP has tried 3 times to close the account and the bank keep saying he can't close it unless both him and his ex go in TOGETHER in person. Lets bear in mind this girl is highly resentful toward the fact he moved on and started a family with someone new. They met at uni and she still hasn't really grown up yet.
I was watching this morning the other week (still on maternity leave hah) and it was mentioned that having a joint bank account means your credit scores are linked?!?! So I am completely not OK with this now!
There's no money in the account, nothing going in and nothing going out and yet they still say they can't do it without his ex there! His ex lives 2 hours away now, and he has had no contact with her other than to ask about closing this account and for his TV back, she says he will have to travel to her, I can't help but think this will end in a wild goose chase, we don't actually know her address.
Surely there must be a way to close it without her! Especially if it will affect our new life together.
I hate bringing it up with DP because he feels really stupid for opening it in the first place and not sorting it out sooner.

Buttercup4 Fri 27-Sep-13 23:17:00

Yes, their credit files are linked. If they close the account the file will remain linked until he writes to the CR agency and applies to have it removed.

I would suggest she goes into her local branch and fills in the forms and he does the same.

Nessalina Fri 27-Sep-13 23:42:35

If the account had a dual signature on it (so both had to be together to draw out funds) then yes, best thing is for them to him to go into his local branch to fill out paperwork, then get them to post/fax it to her local branch and ask her to go in to sign it. However it would be very unusual to set up a bank account with joint sigs necessary, which means needing two sigs to close the account is just unnecessary bank admin bollocks. If he knows it was set up as sole sigs, then he should go into his local branch and ask to see the manager because he wishes to make a complaint. Insist on a private room and lay out the issue. The BM should be able to see that the account is out of use and exercise some common sense. If he refuses, ask to see the specific terms & conditions that show two sigs are needed. He won't be able to find it I'll bet... If no good, ask to receive a formal complaint resolution letter so that you can take your issue to the financial ombudsman. I reckon it'll get sorted for him.

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