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Natwest. More like Shatwest

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shutitweirdo Wed 25-Sep-13 13:38:39

I opened an account for my shopping money only. I also opened an ISA to transfer my current one in to. I didn't transfer any money into my ISA as i need to phone current people for details. Shatwest have now decided to transfer some money out of my account into my ISA without telling me. Now trying to find out who did it and why and they are useless and transferring me to people who can't help. Seriously did they not think I'd check the account and find out? This has been going on for months they say they sent me a letter and I have responded to it, but I have had no letter. Now have an appointment with the branch manger on Monday for him to probably fob me off with some crap or other.
Sorry needed to rant so angry

vj32 Thu 26-Sep-13 20:01:48

They are called Twatwest in our house. (And FIL worked for them for 30 years!)

Most recent issue - asked in branch for a form for a savings account and linked ISA. I filled it in straight away, but was a bit concerned that it was a current account form, but the savings manager said no it was the right form. Just in case I crossed through the bit about an overdraft and wrote that it was for a savings account.

So, the obvious happens and they open a current account. I complain. Woman on the phone says she will investigate and asks when is the best time to contact me. I say evenings as at that point I was working full time. About a month later I receive a letter saying as they have not been able to contact me they assume I do not want to take the matter further. They had phoned a couple of times during office hours apparently, without leaving a message.

I couldn't be bothered to argue further as they are just ... twats. (I also heard them lying to a customer when I was in the branch.) But if you want to take it further, if you exhaust their complaints system and take it to the financial ombudsman they automatically get fined (I think £1000) for not resolving the complaint themselves. FIL has done this a couple of times when banks have been particularly difficult - he has a POA for his mother which seems to automatically make the banks muck things up spectacularly.

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