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hi all first post here :) re tesco grocery shopping hell

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ilovebeingamum26 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:32:08

hi well yesterday i did a food shop online checked the bank and the exact ammount had come out of my bank i no this because its all i had in there bar about £4 pounds anyway shopping booked between 10am and 11am ,fast forward to this morning five to 11 i get a call of tesco telling me they couldnt get the money so my orders cancelled the thing is they have got the money the bank said they cant see it on the system yet but that ammount it pending to go out and will clear tommorow so spoke to tesco customer service who told me my shopping was a lot more than my order confirmation says it is and he also said my coupon they only take the value of that of after ive paid .
Im now left with no food at all and no money to feed me and my son im so angry !!! ive just started a new job and have no money coming in bar child benefit every tuesday which i use to pay dinner money .my paydday from work is the middle of october i dont no how im going to manage any body else had this im litterally left with nothing tesco are saying it could take 14 days plus to be 'investigated' xx

skyeskyeskye Tue 24-Sep-13 19:15:58

sorry, but you were right initially, if you receive working tax credit, then you won't get free school meals. It is on the government website if you want to check it.

ilovebeingamum26 Wed 25-Sep-13 00:05:03

hi im awaiting a refund its apparantly down to the bank how fast its processed .tesco did get the money in the end knew they would as there the only people i had used my card with .
they havent emailed me back about changing the vouchers to ones i can use in store though guess they wont now

yes ive had a look had a feeling you wasnt elegible if getting working tax never mind x

ilovebeingamum26 Wed 25-Sep-13 09:56:17

Still no refund !!! just rang the bank who told me tesco havent sent anything to them as of yet that there aware of !! just rang tesco some one is ringing me back
ive no food in the house and there sitting back doing nothing !!! what a joke so angry today cant even take any dinner to work or anything .
begining to really annoy me now .
i just want my money back

catonlap Wed 25-Sep-13 13:40:11

Oh dear. Did the bank refund the charge which took up your CB at least?

Can you explore the food bank option again? I know you said you asked DWP about it but there are other places that give out vouchers and do not always have the same criteria. Citizens advice are worth a try - they are involved with a food bank in my local area so maybe in your area too.

The local church also, or Salvation army. They sometimes run their own food bank and will help people who approach them. (You do not have to be religious at all to approach them).

LazyMonkeyButler Wed 25-Sep-13 13:49:54

Has anyone got an e-mail address for the CEO at Tesco? I had a similar issue with Asda this time last year (in that case it was the delivery driver saying that "no-one was home" when I had been in the front garden all morning!)

I ended up with a refund of my money plus an extra £100 refunded. The customer services people & the store manager I tried first didn't give a shit & said pretty much the same as people seem to have been telling you.

Camwombat Wed 25-Sep-13 14:05:15

Try looking on used it to contact Vodafone CEO to get something sorted.

I use Tesco online alot and never had any issues with them sorting out any problems quickly.

ilovebeingamum26 Wed 25-Sep-13 14:26:19

hi yes they refunded in the end but used it to pay dinner money was worried school wouldnt give him dinner .
some one is loaning me some money for some shopping so will be ok for food.
thanks for the link i will have a look now tesco have agreed there in the wrong and refunding its the bank taking there time well there saying they havent received refund from tesco yet

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