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Help please- re Equifax

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TheTempest Sat 07-Sep-13 17:46:01


I have just looked at my credit report on Equifax. It seems to say that I owe less than I thought I did, does anyone know why this would be? It does have a bit on the credit score saying that there is almost £3k of debt that has been written off, would this be why it's lower?

Can I still pay this off? shockIt's so confusing! Does each company show all debts?

Tia smile

nannynick Sat 07-Sep-13 18:10:29

I would imagine that the various credit reference agencies would show whatever info they can obtain. They may not be able to obtain all info, so what they say may not match what you really owe.

Have you had £3k of debt written off? I would have thought that a lender would have told you if they were writing a debt off.

Perhaps the guide from MSE about credit scores is worth a read if you are trying to improve your chances of getting credit or feel there is something wrong.

Jbck Sat 07-Sep-13 18:37:27

Each provider has one credit company that they use so debts with Marks credit card might show on Equifax but Debenhams card mght be Experian
If you have had debt written off they will generally have made several attempts to recoup so you should be aware of it. It will adversely affect your score and remain there for 6 years.
You can still pay it off.
You really need to get a report from each of the biggest agencies to get a full picture if you genuinely don't know what you owe/have previously owed.

TheTempest Sat 07-Sep-13 18:47:42

I don't think so but my debts are almost entirely historic so I thought it could have been past the 6 year point. It's so hard to find out, I just want to know how much it is so I can sort it out.

I've had a look on the website, might see if I can message him to find out.

Thanks for your reply smile

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