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Thatched house.... advantages/disadvantages

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Flum Sun 18-Jun-06 22:11:28

we are looking to move. my dh point blank refuses to consider thatched but round where we live about 40% of houses are thatched so it does rule alot out.

He states the following (unbacked up by evidence) reasons:

Fire hazard - reasonable
High insurance - not sure this is true
High financial upkeep - reasonable
Difficult to find decent/reliable thatcher

sorry I'm sure this sounds really twee. and I don't really want to live in a thatched cottage just wondered if any of you do.......

flutterbee Sun 18-Jun-06 22:13:25

If you don't really want to live in one and your DH won't consider one then why bother with them just look a little further a field.

Flum Sun 18-Jun-06 22:15:28

I don't mean I really don't want to. I just mean I don't really mind either way. I really like the area where we live and I guess one of the reasons I like it is that there are lots of 'traditional' village houses. someones got to live in em. I don't think you get as much house for your money in them though.

flutterbee Sun 18-Jun-06 22:21:30

OK well the first 3 I would agree with, although I susoect the higher insurance would be no more expensive than if you lived in a flood risk area.

The final one is a really stupid one (sorry flums DH) because surely lving in an area with so many thatched roofs most of the neighbours/area will use the same one or two thatchers and will be able to give all the reccomendations you need.

CountessDracula Sun 18-Jun-06 22:22:09

My mum lived in one for years

Fire Hazard - no idea but her place never burned down, neither did any others around

High insurance - I don't belive their insurance was very high, call a couple of house insurance cos and ask

High upkeep - no more so than any other - you can get massive grants for thatching

Difficult blah di blah - rubbish there are plenty

SaintGeorge Mon 19-Jun-06 10:44:32

Fire Hazard - no more than any other roof if area below thatch is properly treated and insulated.

High Insurance - specialist possibly but don't think much higher particularly.

High Financial Upkeep - Correctly thatched roofs have a very long life span and need no more upkeep than a slate/tile roof.

Difficulty finding thatcher - if you live in a area with lots of thatch then it shouldn't be a problem. It is a skilled job but there are very good thatchers out there and more of them than you probably think.

Enid Mon 19-Jun-06 10:46:21

they are nightmare

insurance sky high round here also requiring you to rewire your house with specialist wire so as not to cause fire hazard

good insulation but otherwise I wouldnt touch with a bargepole

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