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Driven nuts by HMRC

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nic386 Thu 29-Aug-13 18:03:02

Argh! I feel completely helpless!
Last year, my DH was made redundant. He fortunately got a new job and there was an overlap between the two. He phoned HMRC and told them the circumstances, and they changed his tax code. Then when he was officially employed by only one company, he rang again and was put on another tax code. This was in November.
When DH received his payslip in March, half of his wage was missing. He rang HMRC and they said a mistake had been made on his tax code and we could owe up to another £3k but would have to wait for the new tax year for a bill. Although we couldn't figure this sum out, we still obviously had some sleepless nights. By May, we hadn't heard anything and we still weren't convinced that we could owe that much. DH rang yet again, and the woman confirmed that one of the calculations was wrong and that they in fact owed us money. DH, believing this was too good to be true, insisted he be put on hold while she double checked. She did her sums three times. A cheque came a couple of weeks later.
The problem is, we received a letter this morning, saying that they'd given us back too much money and we now owe them again and will probably owe more at the start of the next tax year!!!!
I am so stressed out by all this. DH has given them all the details they've asked for. There is nothing more we could have done, they just seem incapable of doing their job properly.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Thu 29-Aug-13 18:08:15

They should be able to send you a reconciliation of how they arrived at their figures. This should show the sources of all your income, the tax due and the tax actually paid....

nic386 Thu 29-Aug-13 18:29:20

We got all that, and it seems they didn't take into account that DH gets medical insurance with work. I'm just so annoyed that they can keep making so many errors and it's us that get messed about. We do check all the letters we get, but we're not experts in tax. I do try to give them some leeway, and tell myself, they're just people, they make mistakes. But repeatedly???

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