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Section 75 claim refused by credit card company - can they do this? Help!

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AliBingo Thu 22-Aug-13 10:55:54


I had some work done last year and paid by cheque.

Then in April this year the same company quoted for a bit of extra work and took a £400 deposit over the phone for materials.

Unfortunately they never came to do the work and didn't answer the phone, eventually I sent a recorded letter and it was returned as they had "gone away".

I immediately filled out a claim form with Tesco bank but have just learned this morning that they have turned it down because I was unable to supply an invoice. I did supply headed notepaper from the company from last year's work to show we had dealt with them before. That's all I had.

Are they allowed to do this? Surely I had a phone contract with the company, and if they failed to send me an invoice that is outside my control.

Does anyone know what my rights are? I am worried as I need my £400 back.


HotelTangoFoxtrotUniform Thu 22-Aug-13 11:09:58

We had a claim refused under s75 when we made it over a dreadful made-to-measure suit. We challenged it, I threatened the ombudsman and the credit card company paid out.

I think they refuse these things as a matter of course and if you fight it - and threaten ombudsman action (it costs the CC company money if you open a case with the ombudsman) they find out that actually you are due the money.

AliBingo Thu 22-Aug-13 11:25:45

Thanks for the reply.

I just phoned the ombudsman to ask what my next steps are and they have set it up as a complaint. I hope the bank pays out, it does feel like they are refusing unfairly but hoping I go away!

Annoyed as I have had the card for years and years (10+) and spend a fortune on it.

Glad you got yours back.

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