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Parking fines at supermarkets, motorway services etc

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Fran23 Mon 19-Aug-13 12:08:06

I don't come on these boards often, but I notice that a lot of mums here have had problems with getting 'fined' at supermarkets etc by firms like Parking Eye. People who have committed the terrible crime of overstaying for a few minutes are routinely being asked to pay £100 or more to these firms.

One key word of advice: do not ignore any of the letters or demands you receive, many people are ending up being taken to court because they have failed to respond to such demands (in the past you could get away with doing this, but things have changed in the last 12 months).

First appeal to the company concerned. They will say you entered into a contract with them when you parked up. Say that you do not believe their charge is a genuine pre-estimate of loss (which is all they can get you for under contract law - and a place like Aldi hasn't lost a penny by you overstaying for a few minutes). Also ask for a POPLA code if they turn the appeal down.

POPLA ( is the appeals body that oversees private parking tickets. When you have got an appeal code once again make the case that the figure is disproportionate to any 'loss' the landowner may have suffered. Crucially the costs of running a parking company, installing CCTV camersa etc is NOT considered a loss, only any specific loss that YOUR parking indiscretion has caused them.

If you need more help then you can find a very useful forum here for personal and free help in fighting parking tickets

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