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i want to pull out of purchase on day of move

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1harley1 Sat 20-Jul-13 06:32:23

total panic, just exchanged contracts on a house that had some underpinning to the conservatory in 2006, I never took much notice as its the conservatory and nothing has happened since work done, yesterday I tried to get insurance and its a nightmare, I now have insurance to start Monday aka 2 days time but they wont add subsidence to the insurance until I pay for a professional report, I paid cash just about all the money I have in the world after working all life so did not bother with surveyor, I wish to god now I had not brought it, its Saturday so cant speak to solicitor, what would happen if monday the day of the move I pulled out

Chubfuddler Sun 21-Jul-13 16:56:15

Oh I would have thought this would be dealt with by a stand alone indemnity policy, like chancel repair or missing building regs are (awaits op finding out is in a chancel repair parish and hasn't checked building regs either).

specialsubject Sun 21-Jul-13 16:59:13

for everyone's ref, you need to insure the property that you are buying from EXCHANGE, not completion. This is because you are compelled to buy it from then even if it burns to the ground. The sellers continue their own policy until completion - this arrangement is fine with the insurance companies.

OP, hope nothing else comes to light.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 21-Jul-13 23:09:44

Yes Rosh, that is now clear, but the assumption that OPcould follow on with the vendor's insurance was made when OP assumed they would know about the subsidence.

Anyway - best of luck OP.

LIZS Mon 22-Jul-13 10:47:01

Is it going ahead ?

traintracks Tue 23-Jul-13 06:36:27

Our house has been previously underpinned and we are with a specialist insurance company called Plum, via a broker Brownhill, they are very helpful (ask for Dora ) but yes you will need a survey. If the seller didn't declare the underpinning you can sue them, if they declared it and you still didn't bother with a survey then you clearly like risk! Get on to a surveyor asap.

dotnet Tue 23-Jul-13 13:44:48

So... are you in? I hope so and that you'll love the house. Like roshbegosh my guess is that the main structure is going to be fine, and the fact that the conservatory wasn't, is something you can forget about, being as that's been dealt with. You can get a survey done now you're in (if you're in) and start to budget for putting right any problems the survey might throw up.
Your poor sellers though - I'm guessing you must have put them through the mill as well - so I hope there's a feeling of relief on both sides!

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