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Changing Child Tax Credit from Monthly to Weekly

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hippysmum Wed 17-Jul-13 17:53:16

Can anyone confirm if this is paid in arrears? If so I got paid last week so when would the weekly payments start if I ring them straight away to change it?

Thanks for your help

hippysmum Thu 18-Jul-13 07:55:08


noisytoys Thu 18-Jul-13 08:03:42

I don't think you can change it to weekly unless you are claiming certain benefits probably best to give them a call they will know. I wanted to change to weekly but the wouldn't let me sad

cindersinsuburbia Thu 18-Jul-13 08:10:52

I think noisy toys is right and if you are on benefits/low income there is normally a delay after you switch, some people have reported up to 6 weeks. for the payments they will work out how much is to paid and divide it by the number of weeks left


Yonididnaedaethat Thu 18-Jul-13 19:59:36

Sorry to butt in but I get mine weekly, can I phone them and ask to swap to monthly? I'm not on any benefits and don't mind a gap in payment until its sorted.

clare8allthepies Thu 18-Jul-13 20:06:09

The trouble with changing payment frequency is you have to wait for the system to reprofile your payments and until that happens (a day or two usually) there's no way to tell when the next payments going to be.

It's not really a problem if you're changing to weekly as once your payments are rejigged you'll get one within the next week but if you're changing to 4 weekly you could end up with a hefty gap between payments.

Also, if you change payment frequency once you're not usually allowed to change back again.

carrielou2007 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:26:56

I changed mine to weekly, I'm not on any benefits but I am a single parent. My childminder had asked to be paid weekly (since changed to a diff childminder but just never changed it back). It took about three weeks I think? I also now have child benefit weekly which I didn't know before I could do and that took almost four weeks.

PearlyWhites Thu 18-Jul-13 20:28:08

Mine are weekly no other benefits

PearlyWhites Thu 18-Jul-13 20:28:38

And not a single parent

hippysmum Sat 20-Jul-13 15:29:56

OK thanks. I rang them but they can't give me any other information apart from the fact I will be getting a new payment schedule through the post. Not in a desperate rush for the money just reorganising my finances. I like to look at things every six months and compare my utilities etc.

hippysmum Tue 23-Jul-13 16:19:55

Not had the schedule through yet but it took 4 working days until my new weekly amount went in so quite impressed.

Mumofthreebeauts Wed 18-May-16 14:26:13

Hi did anyone change from weekly to monthly if so how long did it take ? Also thinking about doin this just need to budget before hand xx

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