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What's your gas / electric bill monthly please..

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HappyJoyful Tue 16-Jul-13 10:44:31

A friend and her husband have been having what they think (and I think too) quite heavy and unexplained bills.

They have an end of terrace, reasonably large 3 bed house, they don't have heating on constantly, usual washing loads for washing machine, and showers etc, no tumble tryer and just them in the house (well she's a childminder) but no others living there.

They are paying £80 a month electricity and £120 gas. Do you think this is excessive and if so would appreciate any thoughts on what it could be?

They've been told by both suppliers that if they want someone to come and check their meters then they have to fork out quite a considerable sum which is non refundable if nothing is found to be wrong.

Can you give me an estimate as to whether you think this is the going rate? I certainly don't pay this much.

frissonpink Wed 24-Jul-13 16:53:25

£100 a month..electric only.

I want to cry though reading some of these! £25 on electric?! HOW???!!

I switch everything off. Washer is only on once a day. Yes, electric shower, but again, only on overnight (economy 7). No dryer. Heating obviously off.

I'm with Scottish Power. Maybe I need to move!

ParsingFancy Wed 24-Jul-13 17:01:08

£120 a month for gas in midsummer is a stonking amount. Even if that's averaged over a year, it's still very, very high.

How many people are taking showers/baths there, and how is their hot water set? If they have a poorly insulated hot water tank, set to be on 70 degrees all the time, that would contribute. Also, do they have teenagers who stand under the hot water in a daze for 20 mins?

Also, is their washing machine correctly plumbed in and only using a cold fill?

Mum2Fergus Wed 24-Jul-13 17:33:04

£73pm gas and electric combined.

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