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fecking ebay...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SHHHH Fri 02-Jun-06 23:42:07

Anyone know any legal advice..??

I have bought a pair of shoes on ebay (against dh's wishes..he'd rather me buy ones from aboutique etc..!! Us women and shoes eh..!!)

Anyhow they arrived faulty, I advised the company who promplty got back to me and told me they would send another pair and for me to return them. I did so at a postage cost to myself of around £4.

I emailed asking for payment for me returning faulty items as I felt I shouldn't pay for retuns of faulty goods. The shoes arrived the next day. Again faulty.!!

Still awaiting my previous reply I emailed again advising they were faulty and due to the fact that it didn't look like I would be reimbursed for my postage fee's I wanted them to refund me part of the shoes and I would keep them as I couldn't be bother posting them back iykwim.

Anyway aftre 2 days and no reply I advised them that negative feedback would be left. Nothing major, just saying that the shoes were faulty. I then checked my email this evening and they have replied and seem to have refunded me my money in error along with a delivery charge although the are lost as to what stage the refund is up to..!!!! While I am replying to say apologies to neg feedback and that I would try and reverse it due to them getting back to me to solve it they have left ME negative feedback along with a HORRIBLE and threatening email. Saying how he's seen his solicitor and that he had a bet I would file neg feedback.!!!! He calls me a thief and says he's gonna take me to a samll claims court and sue me and report me to the police for theft..WHT!!!

I was going to sned him a cheque to cover the payment for the shoes prior to this BUT I am now disgusted that I am called such things. I AM NOT A THIEF AND IN FACT A VERY GENUINE WOMAN.

Dh told me to email him back a copy of the sale of goods act which I have done saying the goods were faulty and he's not met the acts etc. DH says let him take me to court..

What would you do..??? I am so mad I feel like telling him to feck off. BTW I know the police would laugh at him over a £12 pair of shoes.

Rant over

tenalady Fri 02-Jun-06 23:50:11

If they have given you a full refund then I would return the shoes and ask for the cost of the postage. The negative feed back is what it is and isnt retrievable.

SecurMummy Fri 02-Jun-06 23:57:47

so you have the money and the cost of returning the first shoes?

In that case I would return the second pair and get proof of postage, then add email and say thank you for refund have sent shoes and keep copies of all emails.

Then wait for his neg feedback ad then add a comment saying "threatening email will not make me change my feedback, service was appaling and shoes were crap - sort out your own camp"

misdee Sat 03-Jun-06 07:31:06

you can report him top ebay for being hreatening. if he is rude and called you a theif in your feedback you can also get that reversed.

SHHHH Sat 03-Jun-06 07:59:41

well the feedback has now been left by both parties. I think I will return the shoes as tbh he's annoyed me so much I really don't want to give him business. Both feedbacks have been reversed or withdrawn should I say. BUT ti's still there for all to view sadly. I am the one with negative comments against me saying that they are recoving costs legally from me.!!! Not a nice feedback to have. I haven't been so slandering to him iykwim.

Right advice how I can get back at him..childish I know but would make me at least smile...
MNer's are usually full of funny advice......when I return the shoes what can I include in the box../?? ..?
I thought initially sending a cheque for payment payable to "mickey mouse" and sending the correct one later...??

Don't get me wrong I am not a nasty person usually BUT this guy has seriously go to me given his comments.

Missdee I think I will forward the email to ebay and ask for their advice on the threatening comments etc.

misdee Sat 03-Jun-06 08:04:08

you can repsond to his comment left in your feedback. i would say 'shoes sent were faulty, i am not a theif as they will be sent back' or whatever it is you are doing.

tigermoth Sat 03-Jun-06 08:11:00

you can reply in his profile to feedback left for you - say he sent you bullying emails etc.

You can try reporting personal comments to ebay - it might mean the feedback gets taken away. If both you and the seller agree you want the feedback deleted from your respective profiles, then you can ask ebay to delete all the feedback you have both left each other - fill in a mutual feedback withdrawel form.

I have had one or two mad people leave me OTT negative feedback but it doesn't seem to affect my selling or buying tbh as I think people look at how many positive feedback comments you have in comparison.

There was one buyer from abroad (she ran an ebay business) who sent me a stream of heckling emails about postage for an item I sold her. I left her neutral feedback - nothing awful. She then retaliated by leaving me rude, OTT negative feedback along with an email telling me she would agree to withdrawing it if I withdrew my neutral feedback. I didn't feel like responding to this bullying tactic and put a follow up comment on her profile to reveal what she was doing.

If I get negative feedback, I always leave an explanatory follow up comment both on my profile and on the other persons profile. Sometimes people will wait till the very last minute of the 90 days before posting a comment, so then you can't reply to it - so be aware of this!

SoupDragon Sat 03-Jun-06 08:33:46

Wee in the shoes.

SHHHH Sat 03-Jun-06 08:47:51

don't thik I can do anything more about the feedback although I will forward the email onto ebay to see their point of view.

I am now packaging the shoes to return along with a letter....Its such a shame that companies feel that they need to be threatening when you leave negative feedback, thats what its there for isn't it..?! Otherwise ebay would just ask for poritive from everyone whatever the outcome.!!! It's not affected my score as it's withdrawn but it there for all to see. Not sure if ebay can delete it totally..?? are on my wavelength . Any other ideas..??

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