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Child tax credits - any advice to hurry them up?

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peaches27 Fri 02-Jun-06 12:17:25

I have a residence order, parental responsibility and full time care of my grandchildren. I receive child benefit for them. When their mum walked out in April I applied for Child Tax credits. I was told on their helpline I was entitled, and could also get child care costs.

I have made a multitude of phone calls but they cannot process my claim as there are two claims on the system (i.e. mine and their mothers) and until the other claim is ended I cannot receive anything. When my daughter came to visit I stood over her and made her phone the tax credit office to say she was no longer living with the children as I was told that this was what was necessary. However a few weeks down the line I am told that I still cannot get anything as her claim hasnt been finalised. My blood is boiling when I think of my daughter and her boyfriend having a right old laugh frittering this money away. If its a matter of her filling another form out to stop getting some money I dont think she will have a great deal of incentive to do this. Additionally, it wont bother her that they will come back at the end of the tax year and claim it back - arrears are nothing new to her.

I have asked the TCO if there is anything else I can do. No there isnt. I have offered to get them a letter from a social worker to state our circumstances - no that wont make any difference, nor will a legal copy of the court documents giving me residence order etc. I phone every two weeks and each time I am told there is nothing I can do until the other claim has been finalised. They wont discuss the other claim with me.

Apart from a big stick, is there anything anyone can suggest to galvanise them into action???

Securlurking Fri 02-Jun-06 12:23:46

I had this although it was with two claims of mine (going from joint to single claim) I jsut kept calling and laying down the law - this is not good enough etc etc. Eventually I got through to someone who just said "oh yes we will do this" click and about two weeks later I had money.

Each time I called I set aside 30 mins to talk to everyone, ie the operator, the manager, put through a complaint to the relevant department etc etc and I did this twice a week.

IME the only way to make anything happen is chew their ears off until every operator in the place goes "it's her again" lol

P.S. I was never rude, I repetedly told Op's I know this is not your fault but I made it very very clear how I felt!

nikkie Fri 02-Jun-06 20:52:34

I was advised if i had any difficulties to go through the local MPs office as they have a hot line direct to someone who is able to actually do somehting rather than a call centre

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