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Tax credits have paid £1000 into my account

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TopBanana Fri 02-Jun-06 08:54:32

Went onto my online banking this morning to check dp had been paid and there were 3 transactions from 'child and working tax credits' adding up to over £1000!
I'm sure this must be wrong. Have tried to call but just get an automated message telling me they are experiencing high call volumes and please try later.
Has anyone else had this happen?

schneebly Fri 02-Jun-06 08:59:34

I had and extra £280 once and called them and it turned out I was due a bit extra that what they had been giving me and it was a top up but you are doing the right thing calling them because they have overpaid lots of people before and will demand it back if it was a mistake. I hope you get to keep it!

cupcakes Fri 02-Jun-06 09:00:14

yes. I got the paperwork through a day or so later. Apparently it was a combination of having been underpaid credits for a couple of years plus the extra of what they predicted I would qualify for the following year. Funnily enough I was later told that I had been overpaid and all my payments were stopped.
I put my huge payment into a savings account so that I could pay it back if needed or at least have something to fall back on when (as they did) my credits were stopped.
I think they find our accounts difficult because my dh is self employed and our income fluctuates.
They are seriously crap.

TopBanana Fri 02-Jun-06 09:03:54

Thanks for your replies! Am trying not to get my hopes up but could really do with the extra cash I'm still getting the message when I try and call them. I sent my renewal thing back about 2 weeks ago so maybe its something to do with that.

FioFio Fri 02-Jun-06 09:05:21

Message deleted

TopBanana Fri 02-Jun-06 09:07:25

Oh my god 6k Bet that was a nice suprise!
I just got through on the phone and their systems are down so they can't check anything!!

FioFio Fri 02-Jun-06 09:09:03

Message deleted

hunkermunker Fri 02-Jun-06 09:11:00

Stick it into a savings account so it's still there if they want it back and you get interest on it in the meantime

TopBanana Fri 02-Jun-06 09:22:24

Good idea! Its very tempting to spend it though......

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 02-Jun-06 21:49:25

Yes, FGS Dont spend it. I had an excess of 3k put in my bank. I rang to confirm it was correct. They said it was.

Then 3 weeks later, they said it wasnt. I havent been paid tax credits for over 18 months because I have to pay it back.

Tax credits is an utter shambles.

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