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resigning from work and holiday pay entitlement?

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charlottenina Tue 25-Jun-13 21:27:24

working in school as a support worker and got offered job in another school - starting in august . I gave 1 month notice period ( required ) and would leave in August but now thinking -w hat happens to holiday pay entitlement - the contract does not specify details on this - just says 26 working days and can only be taken half-terms/ summer, so not during school term times. Shall I 1) come back to present employer and ask that official date of resigning would be end of august so that I still get August pay for holiday? 2) keep the resigning date - 1st of August and ask the present employer to give me my holiday entitlement pay? would really appreciate replies - as I just released I probably made a mistake with the date? thank you.

LIZS Wed 26-Jun-13 08:50:25

Depends when your holiday year runs, is it September to end August or April to April . They would prorate the 26 days across the months worked and pay you the balance (or reclaim if what you will have taken exceeds the amount allocated) in final payslip ie. you might get 11/12 or 4/12 of annual allowance less days taken. You won't get holiday pay for August and be able to start a new job before September.

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