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Can housewives apply for credit cards?

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ellytoto Tue 25-Jun-13 11:13:47

Hiya mumsnet....I'm new to this site. I've recently returned back to UK from overseas.

Just a question for all housewives out there? Can you get a credit card without proof of income? Any store cards/bank able to accept my application? I can provide income proof based on our household income (my husbands proof of salary)....

It's so hard to build up credit history if no one approves your application.....Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks.

ellytoto Tue 25-Jun-13 11:43:41

what I don't understand come students are easier to get credit cards than housewives!!!

Rockchick1984 Tue 25-Jun-13 12:00:58

You won't be able to get credit in your name based on your husband's salary. If you need a credit card, you will either need to have a card of your own on his credit card account or you will need to get one from somewhere like Aqua who target high-interest cards to customers who cannot obtain credit at standard rates.

Students can get credit cards easier as they are in a temporary situation, they also generally can't get more than £500 credit limit and they are in receipt of student loans and potentially bursaries therefore have their own income.

noisytoys Tue 25-Jun-13 16:39:28

No you can't get a joint credit card, only a secondary card on a sole account so as you have no income, you won't be eligible for a credit card.

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Tue 25-Jun-13 16:44:22

I applied for a Barclaycard about 6weeks ago, and put husbands salary in and within minutes I had been accepted with an 8k limit, interest free for 14months.

It depends. My bank offered me a card, like the PP, even though I am not working but have regular payments in from DH. Huge credit limit and ages interest free. Was from my own bank though.

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