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Household Contents Insurance Claim Query - can anyone help?

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Jbck Sun 28-May-06 14:25:47

DD spilt an entire mug of hot chocolate over our footstool last night, didn't tell me. I was happily washing dishes unaware of the disaster, discovered it about 15/20 minutes after the event. The milk seeped into the inside & it's not one of the storage ones that you can open. It's currently in the garage waiting for the smell to develop. I'm doubtful it'll be cleanable and think I'll need to claim insurance. Problem is we received it as compensation from the company we bought our sofas from because of the hassle & delay we'd with delivery. The actual cost was £290 but our delivery invoice states value as £0. Will this affect what the insurance company would be willing to pay to replace it. It's barely 2 years old and didn't have a mark on it. I know we got it gratis but you could argue that you don't pay for gifts and they're covered so why shouldn't it be, but I've just got this feeling they'll try & wheedle out of it. Help line not open on Sundays & tomorrow being a holiday I might not get anyone either. Just hope some MNetter can help.

fairyjay Sun 28-May-06 14:28:21

Get a quote for a replacement from the original supplier.

LIZS Sun 28-May-06 14:28:26

Is it new for old policy ? If so the actual amount paid is irrelevant I think, just replacement value.

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