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Mortgage AIP approved then declined?

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Sonaive Fri 24-May-13 19:44:59

We had the AIP on the 14th may, the broker went to arrange it today and they declined it. Dh was declined, but I was approved.

I've accessed both our credit reports and sent them to him via email, my score is 999, dh is 955. If that means anything at all.

The only black mark against dh is a mobile bill for £14 which he was in dispute with them about two years ago, it was paid and settled eventually but shows up as a delinquent account now.

If we speak to the mobile provider next week do you think we can get it altered?.

The broker says this is very unusual and that if it was that then it old have been flagged up upon the first credit search or "soft search" he did on the 14th.

The only other thing I can see with our reports is that we are still on the electoral roll at our old house on there but not where we live now. I know we are on the electoral roll here because we had voting cards with our names on them.

So, what do we do now?

Mum2Fergus Sat 25-May-13 08:29:05

Id have electoral role updated as a matter of course (though it doesnt appear to affect you score, still a worthwhile exercise). Then square things up with mobile phone company and have lender review application. Did you see evidence of AIP from the broker?

ballstoit Sat 25-May-13 08:37:40

This happened to my friend. Was LloydsTSB, and they wouldn't reinstate the offer, even when friend proved that nothing had changed since the AIP was issued.

May be worth trying to get another offer as well as chasing this one up.

Sonaive Sat 25-May-13 10:34:32

Dh is phoning O2 now.

O2 do this a lot according to a google search.

We must be on the electoral roll because they sent voting cards with our names on it. I make sure we register because I knew we could go for a mortgage this year.

And now it's all gone horribly wrong sad.

chanie44 Sat 25-May-13 10:58:46

This was a few years ago now, but when we were getting our mortgage, we were rejected, so had to get our credit reports, which were fine. Our broker applied again and we were considered perfect borrowers! Our broker said that lenders are constantly changing their criteria.

Mum2Fergus Sat 25-May-13 18:22:43

As Chanie sats, it can often be the lenders appetite for risk that will determine whether or not the application is successful.

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