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Starting full time work soon, which bank to get my wages paid into?

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I have an account with Lloyds TSB for CB and CTC plus any other payments. Dp reckons I should choose a different bank for my wages as I'll get an incentive amount?

He's with First direct and says they do this? Does anyone know of a good deal for changing bank or opening a new account? TIA


syl1985 Tue 28-May-13 02:16:58

I don't know which bank is best. I've an account with the Lloyds, but I've had nothing but problems with them.

Most of the time I had to call them to fix the problem or try to fix it. You'll be calling some call center in India.
Most of these ladies on the phone are very hard to understand and it's for most of them very hard to understand you.

I don't mind where on earth they put their call center. But I do mind when I've to call them to ask for my bank statement that I need to explain to the lady on the other side of the phone what a bank statement is.

I opened another account by the natwest and so far not one single problem with them!

Thanks I'll look at Natwest. That doesn't sound good at all. My instinct tells me not to use my Lloyds TSB account for my wages.

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