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problems with Lloyds credit card.

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syl1985 Fri 17-May-13 19:17:21

I've got a problem with my creditcard from Lloyds.
Some time ago I was to late with making a payment. I was 60 pound behind. I called them and we arranged a standing order.
So far so good.

But today I got a letter. I'm 80.- pound behind in my payments?!?!?! How did that happen???

So I called again.., But they couldn't give me a clear answer. They said there were some extra charges because I was over the limit. This is absolutely not true. I'm NOT over the limit. Then it was the extra charges for being late with my payments. Not true either. I was late some time ago, but not anymore.

I couldn't find any information of my credit card online by my internet banking. I went to my local Lloyds bank today and there they couldn't find any information of my credit card either.

It's like I don't even have a credit card! Such a weird situation.

Another call:
In short they couldn't explain to me on the phone how they got to this 80.- pound. If I wanted to see how they got to this then I should pay 12.- pound for to get a full bank statement of my credit card.

Why should I pay? You're the one claiming that I'm late and over the limit. I'm neither both of them!!!

I said that I was not going to pay anything anymore until they send me a full bank statement so I could check where things go or went wrong.

Then I asked why I couldn't find any information of my credit card anywhere. I didn't got a clear answer. I asked again and she just hang up on me.

I haven't been swearing, but I sure was angry. But I think that she had no reason to hang up on me. I was angry, but stayed polite. She on the phone should be able to answer all these questions or get someone else on the phone who's able to do this.

Also this call center is I think in India. Some are ok, but I've had others on the phone today and I was barely able to understand them.
That's soooooooooo ANNOYING.

I'm so angry on this situation. I've no idea what to do with this. I think that I'm going to send a nice letter to them telling them that:
- I want everything done by paperwork. I'm not going to deal with their call center anymore.
- I want all the information. Charges, rent, full bank statement. The whole lot.

When I've got this and I see that the information is correct. I'll start paying again.

Unbelievable these idiots!!!
First I was like: How did they got to this 80.- pound?
Then where is the information of my credit card?
In the bank they were surprised because it looks like I don't even have a credit card anymore.
Now they want me to pay so they can prove that they're right???

What the is this for shit????


CogitoErgoSometimes Sat 18-May-13 08:54:51

How do you normally get statements ... through the post or checked online? Presumably you had statements in order to know you were £60 behind in the first place? Do you have a balance on this credit card? Could the extra £20 simply be interest incurred due to the delay of setting up the standing order?

Certainly contact them again asking for a credit card statement.

HoneyDragon Sat 18-May-13 08:59:37

The late payment charges are always applied a month in arrears. If you paid the late payment late, your next minimum payment will already include the late minimum payment on the statement.

Their system should show the correct amount including charges.

The best thing to do with Lloyds is go to your branch and speak go someone one. They will call the credit card team whilst you are present if they can't sort it for you.

syl1985 Sat 18-May-13 11:08:31

Thanks for your help.

I used to be able to see my statements online. Now it's totally gone. This 60 pound that I was behind I've paid that.
The other payments after that were all done on time.

As far as I know I've paid everything that I was behind incl the late payment charges.

Yesterday, I went to my local branch and there they couldn't find any information of my credit card. It's like I don't have or ever have had one.

They made a phone call, but same as me. Nothing was being solved. Things only were getting worse.

At some point someone on the phone even said that we couldn't find anything of this credit card in the system, because I've a different credit card???
I was like: I've only one credit card. That's this one and I get a note from you, that I'm 80.- pound behind.

But no why or where this 80.- pound is coming from. On the phone they couldn't explain this either.

It's one big chaotic mess over there.

Today, I'm going to write a letter to them.
I'll explain the situation.
I'll ask them to clarify the situation. If I made a mistake and was to late. Then I'm happy to pay for that and the extra charges.

But as far as I know I'm on time with my payments and so they need to provide information that I'm the one who made a mistake.

Without any prove I'm not going to pay anything to them. Except that what I normally pay them, but nothing extra.

I'll also ask them why I and my local branch is unable to find any information of my credit card in the system.
And then why should I pay for my bank statements? Something is going wrong in their system. I'm not going to pay for that. Although 12,- pound isn't that much. I'm still not going to pay, because their system has got a problem.

Either send them for free to me. Or fix the problem so that I can see my credit card online. Like I normally was able to do.

Ppffff, what a mess....


HoneyDragon Sat 18-May-13 11:57:51

This is more interesting. Are your branch going to stick with it for you?

I had similar last year. I had a letter arrive the day before my statement advising I was in arrears. My statement showed not. I called Lloyds who were able to advise errors at their end applying funds to the account. They hasn't been able to stop the letter though. The lady I spoke to stated the correct amount I had to pay, which I duly did.

Next month I received late payment charges, and insistence of a double payment. Couldn't figure it out.

They'd given the wrong amount by 10 pence on the phone.

Took days to sort out, but the upside is they remove all the charges, refunded me the double payment they'd taken, and send my £50 as a goodwill gesture smile

syl1985 Sat 18-May-13 13:00:33

Thanks Honeydragon for sharing your story. I hope something like that will also happen with me.

I just found a phone number on the website of Lloyds that I could call to make a complaint.
I thought that might be easier then writing a letter.

I called and they send me to the other call center that I had called yesterday and also when I was at my local branch they gave them a call.

This time I had a different lady and I got a bit more information from her.

I'm not able to view my online bank statement, because this department is now dealing with it.
If my local branch want to view my credit card details they needed a number or code for it. I never heard of this before, but she gave me this.
Why couldn't they give this to me yesterday when my local branch called them? What's the reason for not allowing me to view my own bank statements online???
Are people who are or were behind with their payments not allowed to view this?!?!?!

It doesn't make any sense at all!!! And why is this lady able to explain this to me and yesterday no one was able to tell me this.

The 80.- pound that I'm behind. She was able to explain this to me. It's my minimum that I've to pay every month + late payment fees.

Where're these late payment fees coming from?
Because I've set up a direct debit weeks ago to pay that 60.- pound. Then they continue to charge the late payment fees.

With a repayment plan this wouldn't have happened. I said that I gave them a call and this person agreed with me to pay 15.- pound a week. So I thought things were ok. And from that moment I paid everything on time.

A repayment plan is for people who are really struggling. She was able to tell me that I wasn't struggling enough to get one.

What?!?! And that's why that this 15.- pound a week to pay that 60.- pound was only a direct debit and no repayment plan and extra fees were added?!?!?!
Thanks for explaining this to me. Couldn't this person who I spoke to on the phone back then say this to me? Then I would have known this.

She's going to send my bank statements for free to me. At least something that I managed to do today!


RedHelenB Sun 19-May-13 08:11:36

How do you know what to pay every month if you don't get the statement? How much do you actually owe if you are just making minimum payments? TBH, credit cards DO charge for being late paying & for going over your balance so it is probably correct.

syl1985 Tue 28-May-13 02:29:34

It's one big mess with this bank. In short they were wrong.

If you ever find yourself in a financial situation like mine that you think.....
What the ... is going on here???
Or you've got some problems with dept.

These people of payplan really helped me a lot!!!
They can help/advise on how to deal with the situation.

First time I called them I just had someone of Lloyds on the phone. I was still really angry at this point. The lady on the phone was so nice to me and she really helped me with the right advice.

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